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Creator II
Creator II

Pivot layout problem in QV NOV2017


We have upgrade from 11.20 to NOV2017 and there is problem with pivot layout.
All expression by default are in rows instead of columns. It is not possible to move alone expression to the top to make them go to columns. The best layout I was able to make was to move expressions with one dim (the one closest to expressions) to the top and select one value to that dim.
Bookmark made in QV 11.20 to clear pivot layout is not working good in QV NOV2017. It moves expression to rows not to columns.


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You should be able to drag the column of the expressions to be above the top line. It will indicate once moved.

Also, check your pivot table preferences to not have anything locked.

Creator II
Creator II

Hi Niclase

I know I should be able to do this, but i am not. Every time I drag expression to the top also dimesssions are moved there.