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Pivot tables. Needing some help.

I need to build a rank companies from sales value. In this same table I need to show the city, union and some numbers. In some cases the company has more than one information, city or union. How do I create a cell in that table where when I have more than one information has something like a list of related values ​​the company I select? I am trying for a long time and still can not. I'm trying to do this with pivot tables but i'm getting frustrating results.

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Something like this eeeeee.png

When i click list open a list** of values related to te correspodent value of column one.


You can't click on a list to 'open' it. If you click on a value in an expression column then you select the dimension values of that row. It is possible to show/hide a table based on those selections. But there is no way to distinguish between clicking on a value in the CNPJ or City expression columns. See attached example.

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