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PivotTable Sorting Problem (not Date-Related)

I have a table with Account names:


Note that, in the database, 1199 sorts before 4D, then we start the alphabet.

In the PivotTable, however:


...4D appears before 1199.  (Yes, I checked that there is no leading space or anything in the name 4D.  )

Market, Product and Account are all set to sort by Text.  If I change Account to sort by the field name in the Expression section, it sorts correctly. 

Is a Text sort not trustable?  I know that just about anything in QV is stored both as Test and Numeric - and it looks like it's sorting the 4 before the 11.  Should I always be entering Expressions?  Maybe wrapping the field name with some sort of Text() function?

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Unfortunately I have an answer for you, but only in italian language, in this Querit Blog

I will try to translate a little

Me too was surprised about text sort, and asked for this the italian support

The explaination is a little complex, because QlikView try to manage the numeric part of a string, in a separate, specific way.

The result seem to be an illogic sequence.

I hope this will change soon