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Pivotable with count max, min, avg between date

Hi all Pro´s!

I´m with serious doubts about create a pivotable to show some data..

1) I need show the quantity of calls for each hour per day( user must select the period) ex. start 18/01/2010, end 22/01/2010 (1 week).

The user must select the hour period for ex 08:00 - 19:59.

2) The pivot table must show the COUNT of call for the period selected by day/hour, MAX calls for week selected(wich hour of wich day is '>' ), MIN calls for week selected(wich hour of wich day is '<' ) and AVG.

for + details please see the exaple:

error loading image

****** the dates are fulldatetime dd/mm/yyy hh:mm:ss

It´s no necessary be with this apparence, but I must show these data.

someone can help me please?

Sorry by english errors... I´m a brasilian guy tring learn it!

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