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Possible to rename one data value?

I am quite familiar with changing field names using the "as" modifier in the load script, but is it possible to rename a data point in a field within a load script (or even better - an object)?  If so, how?

I.E if my field is "Fruits" and I want to rename "oRanjes" to "Oranges", is that possible without editing the underlying data?

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Creator II
Creator II

PLZ find the attachments ,

through Mapping load and by using Applymap we can do it.

Creator II
Creator II

hi marco ,,

Through Mapping load and Apply Map we can change spelling for that by using another table its very simple scenario ,

Thxs and regards ,



Yes you can use replace in the load script or on the from end.

Obviously it is better to do it once in the script, but you can test it on the from end.

Also you can cascade several replace commands together.


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This worked great - thank you for your patience, Colin!

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Hi Harish -

Thank you for the help!  I see how this works now   Many thanks!