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Problem conection with Pervasive.SQL

QlikView have a problem with an ODBC doe is generated 32 to a tool called Pervasive.SQL to perform and validate Conexxion aTable correctamenta order does not show the example data

consult from Qlikview


Consult in Pervasive



the data does not match the sizes and from extraction can help?????. and are in various orders

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Master III
Master III

try pulling the data into excel and see if shows the data fine it. If it is, you could may be load the data from excel

btw, your screenshots are not clear and cant see much..



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Hola que tal muchas gracias si Realice la prueba con un archivo .sdf y los Datos Los Muestra de Manera Correcta ESTO SE Dębe a que el editor presente algun bug al Momento de Realizar La Conexión con QlikView

Adjunto de nuevo la Imagen saludos Qlik.png