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Problem sorting a dimension in pivot table

Hi everybody, I want to order the dimension called sub reason by %/total expression in descending way  by subreason but I can't.

Captura de Pantalla 2020-02-21 a la(s) 10.14.05.png

This is the calculation for the expression:

count({<action={'contact'},AñoMes_Nro = {$(vAnoMesAnt)}>} self_support_logid)
count(total {<action={'contact'},AñoMes_Nro = {$(vAnoMesAnt)}>} self_support_logid),
if(Dimensionality()=2,count( total <sub_reason_c> {<action={'contact'},AñoMes_Nro = {$(vAnoMesAnt)}>} self_support_logid)
count(total <main_reason>  {<action={'contact'},AñoMes_Nro = {$(vAnoMesAnt)}>} self_support_logid)))

And I am trying to sort by this expression:

count( total <sub_reason_c> {<action={'contact'},AñoMes_Nro = {$(vAnoMesAnt)}>} self_support_logid)


I attach the .qvw file. The problem is in CX tab.





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