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Problem when open URL using AJAX ZFC

Hi guys,

I have a problem when using an action button which calls an external URL.

When I use Internet explorer it works fine (since I have the IE plugin already installed in it). However, when using another browser such as Firefox or Chrome it didn't works (since both uses AJAX).

If I paste this URL directly in Firefox or Chrome I can access directly thorugh it without any problem. This URL contains a document (.pdf) hosted in a server's folder.

I suspect the problem is that when using AJAX qlikview automatically add some code to the URL ("server_name/QvAJAXZfc/" + url_requested), since I tried accessing to google. For example if I create a button where the specified URL is "www.google.com" it works fine using either IE and desktop version. Although it didn't works with AJAX since the url requested it is transformed to "server_name/QvAJAXZfc/google.com"

If then I specify the following URL it works fine "https://www.google.es/"

However in my case I should access to the folder in my server which contains the document requested and therefore it didn't works using the "https://server_name/URL" neither "http://server_name/URL" neither "https://server_name/QvAJAXZfc/URL"

("//server_name/URL" works fine with IE although NOT with AJAX).

Any help whould be appreciated.

Thank you all.

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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Jaime, did you have any luck with this?

It's driving me mad! 

I want to parameterise my URLs so I need to use Ajax for that (selections and bookmarks can't be passed into the URL using the plugin).  But then I have buttons I want to work that open up specific (variable) files in Excel.  When clicked in Ajax, these buttons just open http://servername/QvAJAXZfc/EXCEL.EXE rather than the application path I've specified also with parameters (like below).

The buttons themselves work well in IE Plugin or the desktop client - so I think I've set up the application/directory/parameters etc OK.  But not in Ajax.



Hey, Sarah.

Have you had any luck on this?


Creator II
Creator II

Not yet, although I've been given an idea (thanks stevedark‌) to try out - haven't got round to it yet!  The idea is to use session recovery to flit between Ajax and Plugin versions. 

> Start in Ajax for the parameterised URL

> Ajax button opens URL to a QV doc using the IE Plugin, then firing the Excel launch

Would leave a redundant tab open in the browser, but could work!

As yet untested, but maybe some food for thought.


That could work. I will put it on test and get back here.

Thanks for sharing, Sarah!