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Problem with sorts

Im having an issue with sorts,

To save screen real estate Im implenting cyclic groups Named BranchSelection. DepartmentSelection,AreaSelection

There are two dimensions in each, Code thats Numeric in the source db, and Description as a Text field. the dimensions exist as list boxes to filter by and as columns in a Pivot table.

but the sorts dont work correctly, The Numbers sort as text ie 1,10,11,2,22,3,33mm etc what im after is numbers and text displayed to the left as text but with the vlues sorted as numeric.

id post an example but my qv is obviously in a weird state as specifying Ascending is giving me decending sorts...

What is the correct way to implement this please ?


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Champion III
Champion III

I assume your "numeric" field is sorted by text instead of by number.
As for the ascending/descending - can't tell without seeing the exact situation. But if you say the behavior is consistent, just inverse the sort order. What you need is the result, and users don't care what the properties are inside.