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Hiding Certain Columns for Pivot table Chart

I have column groupings by month in a pivot table.

Lets say Jan, Feb, Mar all has columns A, B, C, D, E. and columns A and C are static data and never change

but B, D, E change by month

I would like to keep columns A, C as static columns and only display them once in the table together and rest of the columns for every month.

Can you guys suggest me some ideas to do this. I wrote a macro to hide the columns but that hides or displays columns for all months and not display them just once.

I even tried breaking the table into two and only show the two static columns in one and others in the other one but the tables together don't render correctly.

Any ideas are welcome


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Any Ideas??? (John, Oleg, Rakesh, Rob)


I'm actually not clear what you're asking. Can you show sample data and what you want your resulting chart to look like?


Hi Srikdave,

Are you talking about something like this?


Where you place a few of the values outside the parent dimension Month?

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John, Johannes,

Attached here is the snapshot of what I am looking for.

Johannes, Yes, A & C needs to stay in the table but just show once and the rest of the columns repeat for each month.


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As I saw in an other post, I am trying to have another inline dimension on top of the month to say if it is static or repeat by month.

Do you think that will work with dynamic expressions and dynamic dimensions???

I mean if my months are driven by the data???

Champion III
Champion III

Still not quite clear...
Maybe what you need is to use static columns A and C as dimensions, probably as calculated dimensions. One more dimension is month. Three expressions, B, D and E.