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QEMC Reload Failure on just 3 files

Hi All,

I am getting a reload failure on just 3 of my files when reloading through a scheduled task.  Reloading through the document is fine.

The log files shows that the document is opened correctly, connection string is accepted, section access is completed and then it just stops ... it seems to hang at trying to get to the first table load a section of the log file is below ... i can't seem to get much more detail from the service event viewer etc.

01/14/14 10:00:03: 0015  star is *

01/14/14 10:00:03: 0017  Section Access

01/14/14 10:00:03: 0019  LOAD * INLINE

01/14/14 10:00:03: 0020  [

01/14/14 10:00:03: 0021      ACCESS, USERID, PASSWORD, LINKID

01/14/14 10:00:03: 0022      *****,***, ********, ALLVALUES

01/14/14 10:00:03: 0023      *****, *****, ****, ALLVALUES

01/14/14 10:00:03: 0024      ]

01/14/14 10:00:03:       4 fields found: ACCESS, USERID, PASSWORD, LINKID, 2 lines fetched

01/14/14 10:00:03: 0026  LOAD 'USER' as ACCESS,

01/14/14 10:00:03: 0027   upper(U_ID) as USERID,

01/14/14 10:00:03: 0028   upper(EncryptPassword) as PASSWORD,

01/14/14 10:00:03: 0029   upper(LINKID) as LINKID

At this point, it just stops.  I have set timeout to what I understand to be the maximum 2400 but there is no issue from within a document if that makes sense.

Would anyone be able to provider a pointer, i can't seem to find a good thread showing a similar issue.



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Please try to create the Security qvd in other qvw and use the QVD in section table.

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Is that to reduce load time?


Hello Lee,

Few things which can be followed:

  1. First check whether the document is really getting loaded, because there are chances that the log in not getting updated but document is
  2. I assume you have QV service account in the user access list
  3. Wait for some time then run the job again, sometimes server gets hung
  4. Restart the server

Hope it helps...

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Thanks for the reply. It is not getting reloaded, I have a date last reloaded in the UI. The QV service account is not in the user access list, I set the section access security details in the reload tab of the QEMC and ensure they match between the document and QEMC.

We have restarted the services and server itself quite a few times now.