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Specialist II
Specialist II

QMC not able to Reload Single QVW file

Hi all,

through QMC , not single QVW is able to reload.

actually My Production and Development server is same. Once Server was Hang due to high memory consumption and My DC team restart the server.

after restarting the server QMC is not able to Reload single QVW file.

i have Done so many changes to sort out this problem like upgrade SR version for desktop , Server and SAP connector.

but still problem not solved.

manually reload is happening.

Please Help me in that.

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Specialist II
Specialist II

no one knows???


Have you looked at the task logs on the QMC?

Select on of the reload tasks that is failing on the left side of the screen. Then Click on "Show Task Details" at the top right corner of the screen and then select the Log tab. You should see more details of the error here.


Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi Colin

thanks for revert,,, but the problem is when i am reloading file through QMC logs are not generating. in that case please suggest me something.

giving me these logs.. these are not full logs but may it will help

(2015-01-12 10:59:16) Information: Loading. LoadTime=01:43:05.4854736

(2015-01-12 11:00:16) Information: Loading. LoadTime=01:44:05.5079903

(2015-01-12 11:01:16) Information: Loading. LoadTime=01:45:05.5384292

(2015-01-12 11:02:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=01:46:05.5498667

(2015-01-12 11:03:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=01:47:05.5607698

(2015-01-12 11:04:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=01:48:05.5726661

(2015-01-12 11:05:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=01:49:05.5773959

(2015-01-12 11:06:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=01:50:05.5857810

(2015-01-12 11:07:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=01:51:05.6019259

(2015-01-12 11:08:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=01:52:05.6223941

(2015-01-12 11:09:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=01:53:05.6546209

(2015-01-12 11:10:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=01:54:05.6776767

(2015-01-12 11:11:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=01:55:05.7007034

(2015-01-12 11:12:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=01:56:05.7131005

(2015-01-12 11:13:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=01:57:05.7201333

(2015-01-12 11:14:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=01:58:05.7361712

(2015-01-12 11:15:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=01:59:05.7637485

(2015-01-12 11:16:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=02:00:05.7727494

(2015-01-12 11:17:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=02:01:05.7802461

(2015-01-12 11:18:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=02:02:05.8060059

(2015-01-12 11:19:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=02:03:05.8204745

(2015-01-12 11:20:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=02:04:05.8253119

(2015-01-12 11:21:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=02:05:05.8375952

(2015-01-12 11:22:17) Information: Loading. LoadTime=02:06:05.8518473


Are tasks starting and reloading forever (like the logs seem to indicate), or are tasks simply not getting triggered?

Specialist II
Specialist II

yes Peter u r right.. what is the solution kindly suggest..


Huh? I do not know what I'm right about, since you didn't answer my question... Are A) tasks starting but not stopping, or B) are tasks nog getting launched at all?

Specialist II
Specialist II

oh sory i was misunderstood....

A) Tast starting but not stopping


Check the DocumentLog of a task that isn't stopping. If the log shows that the script runs till the end, then you probably have a QVS that isn't able to terminate tasks that have ended. Some releases do epxerience this problem. What version of QlikView Server do you have at the moment?

Specialist II
Specialist II

well peter. before when this problem came i was using SR3 version for server and SR6 for Desktop and SR1 For SAP connector,,

but i have upgraded it to SERVER SR7, QV Desktop SR7 and SAP Connector SR3.

and i have checked not even single QVW file which has no Dependencies to other is not reloading.

so in that case i am struck and doing all reload manually..

kindly suggest