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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

QV Analyzer 3.10 - out of memory object

Hi all,

I'm trying to uso qv analyzer 3.10. After extract metadata I reload the app, but I get this error

Out of object memory 

while running the step:

	MapSubString('WhitespaceMap',Expression) as FunctionExpression
Resident ExpressionFunctionTemp	


How can I resolve?



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Former Employee
Former Employee

Little confused as to exactly what QV Analyzer 3.10 is in this case, are you talking about an application etc. or what, need some further details here, as I am confused at the moment, and is this for QlikView or Qlik Sense?

The only thing that comes to mind is what you did created a Cartesian product somehow and that is why things blew up, but I am definitely not a great developer, so likely need someone else to chime in, but further clarification would definitely help, if this is Qlik Sense, I can get the post moved to the correct product area for you.


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