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QVW opens only without data

Hello Everybody,

My application.qvd opens only without data. If I save with the data and open it the error occurs: The document application.qvw failed to load.

I've done Script Rescue and Applications Rescue, renamed the file, changed the location, removed a large table to reduce the file size, but nothing resolved.

Any more ideas of what to do can you give me, please?

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Try recreating using the Project Files:


It would appear to likely be something in your data model, so one other thing to try would be to use the Debug option in the Script Editor to limit the load to x number of rows of data and save that result and see if that opens or not, as if it does, then I would definitely say that likely points to a data model issue of some sort or an expression that is creating a Cartesian...



Couple other links that may be of some help too.


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