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QVWS & DSC Services are down in Qlikview Management Console

Hello All ,

I am trying to install the Qlikview Server but found that two services namely : QVWS & DSC are down as can be seen from the below screen shot .

I have tried the below things :

1. Checked the Network security & Port No responsible for these 2 services are working ( 4730 , 4750 , 80 )

2. Licences are applied properly .

3. It Shows all 5 qlikview services are running in Service Manager .

4. Also tried changing the url from ip address to localhost & vice versa .

Attached here are the screen shots for the error message i am receiving .

I would really appreciate any help on this !!


Sahil Bajaj

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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III


could you resolve the issue of QVWS and DSC ?