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Qlik Sense Login fail in Safari browser

I have a question regarding logging in Qlik Sense via Safari Browser. I keep getting the message below, I keep refreshing and it is not solved. I can not access the hub in safari but in other browsers (chrome i.e) it works. I can log in.

Does anyone know what is causing this?



Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 11.37.27.png

2 Replies

Check the below link for supported browsers:

If you are using Windows, Safari browser is not supported - not for Hub nor for QMC.

Safari is only supported on Mac OS X.

If you are working on IOS may be browser didn't recognize the root certificate as trustworthy since it is not a known certificate authority like Thawte, VeriSign, etc. Set this to always trust in the show certificates menu.


The issue was that appropriate certificate was not installed on the server on which qlik sense was installed . Due to this it was not accessible from the Apple Devices. After installing certificate it was. Buy certificate from certificate issuing authority  and  install it on the server. After installing the certificate on the server, add the Thumbprint of the certificate from QMC. This will resolve the issue.

Refer the pdf for generating the certificate.


Hello Bala,

Thank you. I am using safari on Mac OS.

I don't think this issue is caused by the any of the reasons you suggested. It is still not solved.