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Qlikview Desktop starts but nothing is displayed on screen.

Hi ,
I've got a problem on a Windows 2003 server
I installed QlikView 11SR2 desktop and server on last month.its working fine but last week onwards i facing one serious issue in my client i.e., Daily my applications are running through windows scheduler(batch files).
where double clicking the QlikView icon causes QlikView to start correctly (it appears in Task Manager as qv.exe) but nothing appears on the screen.  As well as not opening up it also does not appear on the Task Bar . After Restart  the server issue is resolve.

My problem is daily my schedulers are starting at 6 am that time qlikview was working fine  but after 1 hour or 2 hours above mentioned problem Occurs.So, i stopped all Jobs and restart the server , then only qlikview was working otherwise qlikview was not opening and all application macros are default setting is changed from "always system access" to "safe mode".

In that time I checked my ram space and processor percentage also (ram occupied 10 gb (Total My ram : 134 GB Ram)only and processor (16 bit) also  just 10 to 15 % taken)

Has anyone else seen this issue and know how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance....


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You are not alone but I did not know this was still happening in 11 SR2.  The attached post refers and may help.