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Qlikview Input Field Problem/Question

Hello all,

I am having an issue with the Input Field functionality using a table box.  I am joining a SQL table containing comments from one database server to a data set from another database server based on a unique ID.  Due to workplace limitations the data has to be in two different servers, so a join in the Qlikview script is required to unite these two data sets.  My comment field is made into an input field and the table box representation is below.  I am able to edit the field that already has information in it ABC but I am unable to edit the blank field (see images).  The table box becomes corrupt and it has to get refreshed to restore when I try to edit the blank field.  What is causing this and what is the solution for this problem?  Thanks!!!

Capture.PNG Capture1.PNG

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You might have run into some of the limitations of Input Fields. Unfortunately the documentation is self contradictory on this:

Here it is said that Input Fields are just like regular fields:


Here you will find that the help says that Input Fields behaves somewhat differently from regular fields:


In older documentation that wasn't online (Windows Help File) it was some section that spelled out the limitations. Unfortunately I can't find it on the newer online documentation...

At least these two factors are important:

  • Each input field is unique and has to be uniquely identifiable
  • After you have defined an InputField in your load script you can't do much transformations of any sort with the table or joins as it will destroy the InputField-definition along the way.

All input values are stored in the QlikView repository not in the QVW-file and it is on a user basis. Sometimes it acts just like you show on your 2nd screenshot above that it fails to calculate the chart. It is buggy and that is my experience almost two years ago too.

Which version of QlikView are you using?