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Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlikview- Performance improvement 35M+ records

I am stuck on a really clumsy issue of performance and latency in a Qlikview Dashboard with 35M records. I wanted to know the ways to actually improve my model/ front end expression to improve speed. To get a perspective. I have weather data for each day for 8 years with respective States of 20+ countries. Tables- State_code Area polygon(from KML file) Date Stat (Min/Max/Avg) Weather_field- Temperature/Wind Direction/ Pressure Value (numeric)

So user has the ability to select any date range in between the 8 years. Filters from Stat, Country, Weather_field etc. I used a nested if loop to get all the combinations possible like.         MyAccountAccess Mobile App

Stats=max, weather_field= temperature, date range( start and end date) calculate max(value)

How to prove it. Please help

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