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Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlikview Section Access and prj files (yes this one is strange)

We have an APP in the following two environments

STAGE (section access is working)

PROD (section access is NOT working)

The app in both environments is identical. Section access is also identical.  After extensive analysis, we ran a comparison of the prj files and found differences in the AllProperties and DocInternals xmls between the two environments.  One of the differences is the SavedAsVersion in the DocInternals.xml 

In PROD the SavedByVersion is 12.50.20200.0

In STAGE the SavedByVersion is  12.60.202200.0

Both environments are on the same version  -   12.6

We rebuilt the prj files in PROD and this fixed the issue.

We noticed that the prj folders in STAGE were all updated on the same date of our upgrade whereas in PROD, the PRJ folders were not.

We are attempting to avoid this in the future so my question is whether an update to the prj files is part of a Qlikview upgrade.  Should the prj folders in PROD been rebuilt as part of the upgrade as it appears that they were in STAGE?


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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

By using prj-folder an application is IMO only than identically if the folder-content is updated, too. I never used this feature in productive and didn't made intensively investigation with them and therefore I don't know the behaviour very well but I doubt that the existing content is completely re-created each time. This means you would need either to copy & paste the entire folder between the environments or deleting the content and re-create it by opening + saving the app.

- Marcus


Hello @jonaguada ,

Thanks for posting.

When asking "whether an update to the prj files is part of a QlikView upgrade", do you refer if upgrading the QlikView server will update such file?

Or if upgrading QlikView Desktop will update such files?



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