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Qlikview assessment answer with explanantion

Hi All,

I had done with my qlikview assessment test .

Kindly please share the answer with some respective answer.

6 Replies

Kindly ask the questions to get the respective answers

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1) When you design a sheet, which option can reduce the amount of space needed by allowing the same chart to be displayed by different dimensions?

  • Cyclic group
  • Lookup Dimension
  • Layer Expression
  • Multi Box

2) Which type of Qlikview object cannot be configured with any trigger actions?

  • Gauge
  • Text Object
  • Sheet
  • List Box

3) Which visualization method is being used in this series of numbers to highlight those of interest? (Refer image 1)

  • Cherry Picking
  • Exaggeration
  • Preattentive Perception
  • Visual Grouping

4) Which is the correct order of the visualization design process?

  • Platforms, Information Design, Visual Design, Testing, Users & Context
  • Platforms, Visual Design, Information Design, User & Context, Testing
  • User & Context, Information Design, Platforms, Visual Design, Testing
  • User & Context, Platforms, Information Design, Visual Design, Testing

5) Which is NOT a good method for gathering user information?

  • Questionnaires
  • Interviews
  • Field Studies
  • Preconceptions

6) Compare the two charts shown. What is the main visualization advantage of displaying the line to join the data points? (Refer image 2)

  • None, they both show same information
  • the line stop human enclosure hiding the outlier
  • The line display the correct sequence of the data point
  • the line exaggerates the chart trend

7) Which data category is not represented by the attributes in this example?

  • Nominal Data
  • Ordinal Data
  • Interval Data
  • Ratio Data

😎 Why would you be careful when encoding nominal data using red and green?

  • They should only be used with traffic light chart types
  • They make a charts look ugly due to the contrast in color
  • Because approximately 10% of the male population are red-green colorblind
  • Color choice makes no difference so long as the representation looks good

9)DAR is a Qlikview design concept. which is the correct list of words which make up this acronym?

  • Dashboards,Analysis,Reports
  • Data,Accumulation,Results
  • Design,Architecture,Reports
  • Direct Access Reporting
  • Don't know

10)Which is the best chart type to represent ranked data, such as Sales by Region?

  • Horizontal Bar Chart
  • Pie chart
  • Combo chart
  • Pivot table
  • Don't know

11)Which display method is being used by this report?

  • Color mix
  • Dynamic Colors
  • Silent Legend
  • Color emphasis
  • Don't know

12)In your QlikView application,How would you create a button that toggles a help layer on or off?

  • Use a chart Extension Object
  • Set a variable with the button and use conditional show on the help objects
  • Use the Button to control the layer properties of the help objects
  • Link the button to the pop up property of the help objects
  • Don't know



Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi Aniket,

I suggest you research the answers yourself - all the answers are to be found in articles on the community, or in documentation, and you may learn something.

Otherwise, the next person to take this assessment could just look up the answers here, get 100%, and be totally useless at Qlik development.



In addition to Marcus, sharing the official assessment questions and discussing them here in the forum is IMHO a violation of the certification agreement you have signed.

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Thanks .


This is very inappropriate.