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Qlikview email settings


I added an alert in qlikview application but in the user preference mail setting when I test the connection it gives me error


Please advise


Thank you


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Hi Ingy,

Could you try with another email address?? I had the same issue some time ago and it was because Gmail security preferences are too stregth. So I just simply used another email address (i.e. yahoo) and then it worked. My suggestion is that you try with another mail provider and see what happens.

Hope it helps.


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same Error

"Could not connect to server.

last response: unexpected AUTH PLAIN response, last responce 530

5.7.0. must issue STATTLS command first

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when I change "AUTH PLAIN" to "AUTH LOGIN"  I receive this error

"could not connect to the server

last response: unexpected SMTP Login response, last response "


Hi Ingy,

Do you have the SMTP server configuration ?? this need to be configured they only this will work

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Hello Ingy,

Gmail uses SSL and Qlikview doesn't. You won't be able to use any email service which uses SSL. You can create another account in any other provider which don't use encryption.

If you must use Gmail, then you must use a proxy such us Stunnel or hMailServer.