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Quickest Way to View All Data in QVD

I'm totally new to QV. I have to manage several dashboards. One of them pulls data from several QVD files, which are loaded each night from a SQL Server data warehouse. I'm trying to trace some data, and once it (apparently) gets SELECTed and supposedly loaded into one of the QVDs, it does not seem to come out the other end. That is, it's not accounted for in my dashboard.

I would like to whip up a QlikView dashboard that simply shows me the row-level contents of the QVD "database" in question. In effect, almost like going into SSMS and typing "SELECT * FROM tblVisits". I would want to narrow down by maybe two filters, but bring back all columns of data, down to the row level.

Should this be a simple, straightforward project? How do I start?

Thanks in advance.

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Two suggestions - first, you can drag a QVD and drop it on the QV icon (or on the start page ifs open). This will create a new qvw file, and open the file load wizard with the preview window open, so you can see the fields and content. It you click cancel, no file will be created.

But this doesn't tell you much about metadata like cardinality. I have downloaded a QVD viewer in the past that did that. Search here for "QVD viewer" and you might be able to find it. This is a model that loads a sample (or all) of the date, and computes meta data for the QVD.

Hope this helps


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Thank you! I'll give it a whirl.

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I wrote simple QVD viewer which shows row-level data of a QVD file and some metadata. You can download it here: bi-review.blogspot.com/p/fast-qvd-viewer.html

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Thanks. I'll check it out --