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Contributor III
Contributor III

Re: need help and explanation

Hi all,

can any one explain  the following questions

1)Qlikview project end to end implementation?

2)what is 2 tier and 3 tier architecutre?

3)How to handle null's in qlikview?

4)The dashboards and reports created how it can be delivered to the end user?we have qlikpublisher to deliver it to qlikserver so that end users might be viewing it?can any one explain the details of it?

5)What is binary load in qlikview?

6)what is the difference between star schema and snowflake schema?When to go for which schema and why?

7)Qlik uses the associations when   so where  primary and foreign keys are used?

8)How to delete duplicate records from the tables?

9)Qlikview dashboard is  created and later got the requirement to add some additional fields to the dashboard,then how can we perform this task?we can add the new fields in the script or we can add new fields in the source database layer and load the script?

10)What are the best data modelling techniques?what is subset ratio in qlikview?

11)time it takes to load data into qlikview example 1000000 records?Explain

12)What are the steps to connect to Sap bw system from qlikview?

13)How can we optimize the qlikview dashboard?

14)What is condition enabling in qlikview?

15) What adhoc reports in qlikview?how to create adhoc reports in qlikview?

16)what is difference between drill down and cyclic group?

17)what is the use of apply map in qlikview?

18)what are the types of incremental loads?  

19)what is the use of the section access?how to create section access?where do we use it in application level or database level?

20)In 5gb  file how many records can be accomodated?

21)set analysis what is the expression for displaying the last 6 months sales date?

22)How can we reduce the load time of qlikview applications?

23)what are the important functions that are used in qlikview?

24)what is alternate state in qlikview?explain with an example?

25)what is pivot table?when we can use pivot table?

26)Debugging qlikview dashboard?


I have attached sample sales superstore excel file for example we are creating  sales contains three tables orders,returns,users?l

can any one explain the process from connecting to the source excel file to creating the dashboard?

tables loaded  from the database by connecting to  database or excel file,then what are the steps to be taken?

for example:

Data Source preparation

Designing the data model

how to choose which data model in the context of the excel file attached?

Designing the UI

Unit Testing



Production Support

by connect to the source excel file

extract the data

create qvd

design the dashboard with script.

while reloading the script synthetic keys and circular references can be avoided by creating composite keys,renaming the fields etc.

resident load

binary load

inline load

incremental load

add load

buffer load

joins:inner joins

        left outer join

        right join

        outer join

What is the step by step procedure explain with script?

3 Replies

If you really want to learn Qlik than I suggest starting here:

QlikView Developers (June 2017)

Barry Harmsen und Miguel Garcia

ISBN-13: 978-1786469847

- Marcus

Contributor III
Contributor III


Thanks for the repky. But I'm following the same Barry Harmsen und Miguel Garcia.

for learning the advanced level of QlikView any books can you suggest




Following people here in the community or in their personal blogs or other social media sites is definitely useful but it couldn't replace a continuous study with a courses or books. If you are really comfortable with the above suggested basics you could go further here:

Mastering QlikView (November 2014)

Stephen Redmond

ISBN-13: 978-1782173298

Mastering Qlikview Data Visualization (April 2016)

Karl Pover

ISBN: 978-1782173250

- Marcus