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Contributor II
Contributor II

Reading txt file exported as .xls. Use the correct quote setting to avoid partial read

Have you ever exported a file from a system like SAP as a .xls file that is really just a text file with delimiters?  If you've used the file wizard to read this file, and the file has a text field with mixed combinations of quotes (",'), your read may stop as though it were the end of file if you take the MSQ quoting option default.  QlikView is attempting to interpret the quotes. If you choose the "none" or "no quotes" option, your script will read all the records and read in the problem quotes as text as intended. 

I just wanted to post this so that is may save someone the time I spent figuring this out. Also, if someone want to explain further of how QlikView is interpreting the text to make it appear to stop reading records, please do. 

I believe the text that throws the MSQ option off was    ASS'Y(13"W  in a description. 

Best regards!

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