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Referencing Monthly Status

Alright, so I've hit a snag. Trying to develop an app that will allow the brass to look at a month by month run down of how our orders are being handled.  This has me working on a few charts that I can not seem to get . The big one has the following columns:

Backorders (orders due prior to [Selected Month] but not shipped)  


Backorders at End of Month

Future_1  (Orders Due to be shipped in [Selected Month] +1, i.e. [SM] = Jan | F1 = Feb)

Future_2 (Orders Due to be shipped in [Selected Month] +2)

Having a whole yearly chart would be easy, but finding how to reference JUST the specific periods within a moving 4 month interval is driving me crazy.

My company already has something that does this by running everything in the script, it takes 3 hours to run. I've been tasked with getting that number down and improving functionality. I've got most of it done, but this is where I seem to have hit a wall. Unless I missed something Set Analysis will not let me do {<MonthIndex = {[SelectedMonth] +1}>}. So what can I do?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi WBMcCarel,


You CAN do {<MonthIndex = {[SelectedMonth] +1}>}


Here is how it should look like using working Set Expression:






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Support (Former)

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Here are some Design Blog posts that may give you some further ideas too, and the last one is the base URL to the area, so you can search yourself if you wish, there are hundreds of posts in this area that are mostly how-to related...





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