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Removal of hard coding in the set expression


Can anyone help me to get rid of hard codes.

I have to fetch the count of ticket hops greater than or equal to group_transfers_limit. group_transfers_limit is a field which has the value 3.

=count({$<ResolvedTicket.InAMSScope={'-1'},[Common Ticket Type]={'INCIDENT'},[ResolvedTicket.Group Transfers]={">2"}>}ResolvedTicket.TicketID)

Above expression gives the count of ticket hops greater than 2. I need an expression without hard code and we have to modify the expression using >=group_transfers_limit field in place of hard code.

Could you please modify one more expression to remove hard code,

Thanks in advance.


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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP


     Try this.

     =count({$<ResolvedTicket.InAMSScope={'-1'},[Common Ticket Type]={'INCIDENT'},[ResolvedTicket.Group Transfers]={"$(=max(group_transfers_limit))"}>}ResolvedTicket.TicketID)


Kaushik Solanki

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Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi Smitha,

Try this.

=count({$<ResolvedTicket.InAMSScope={'-1'},[Common Ticket Type]={'INCIDENT'},[ResolvedTicket.Group Transfers]={'>=group_transfers_limit'}>}ResolvedTicket.TicketID)

or if its possible to have it in a variable then it will be like below.

=count({$<ResolvedTicket.InAMSScope={'-1'},[Common Ticket Type]={'INCIDENT'},[ResolvedTicket.Group Transfers]={'>=$(vgroup_transfers_limit)'}>}ResolvedTicket.TicketID)


Rajesh Vaswani