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Contributor III
Contributor III

Replace Bucketing with intervel match

Hii,I have Aging wise bucketing.


if(age>=01 and age<=20,1,

if(age>=21 and age<=40,2,

if(age>=41 and age<=60,3,

if(age>=61 and age<=80,4,

if(age>=81 and age<=100,5,


So I want to do it with or replace it with Interval match However I can do this using interval match ??

In qlikview we can replace Bucketing with Interval Match. so can anyone help me ?

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You'd have to create an extra table with the intervals and the values 1 through 6 you assign the buckets. Then you can use the intervalmatch with that table and the age field from your other table.

But why not simply use rangemin(ceil(age/20),6) instead.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Can you share one of the example for it ??

Creator III
Creator III