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Requirement on Advanced Set Analysis


I have 6 Objects in my dashboard


2 list boxs ,LH01,LH02(Global Objects):if we select these two List boxes then only complete dashboard Has to Reflect.

4 Charts,CH01,CH02,CH03,CHO4

1)if we select CH01 then That CH01 Chart only Reflect not other charts (CH02,CH03,CH04)

2)if we select CH02 then That CH02 Chart only Reflect not other charts( CH01,CH03,CH04)

3)if we select CH03 then That CH03 Chart only Reflect not other charts (CH02,CH01,CH04)


Dimesion is Month field

My expressions are

1)count(DISTINCT Number)

2)(count({<resolved_Date={'=resolved_Date<=duedate3'}>}DISTINCT Incident_Number3))/count({<resolved_Date={"*"},duedate3={"*"}>}distinct Number3)


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i am getting wrong results with that expression


1)count(DISTINCT Number) i am getting Count as150

but when i apply

Count(DISTINCT {<GlobalFilter1 = $::GlobalFilter1, GlobalFilter2 = $::GlobalFilter2, GlobalFilter3 = $::GlobalFilter3>} Number)

i am getting count as 139 .


Have you made selections in any of the global filters? If you have, then you see the impact of those filters filtering your data

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yes i made some selections on global filters  and i compared  with both the expressions


And besides selections in GlobalFilter1 to GlobalFilter3, do you have any other selections made in other fields, either in default or alternate states?

It would be more easy to help you if you could create a small sample (or modify Sunny's) and upload to this thread.


So then isn't this what you wanted? That if you make selections in Global Filters, your expression should filter out based on whatever is not selected?

If this is not what you wanted, I think you need to provide more details here. I am not 100% sure what you are looking to do here. More information will be beneficial for us to help you out here.

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Uploading a Sample

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Please go through my sample document.when i apply your expressions in sample application it works fine but in my qv application

please suggest me on this



So it works in the sample, but not in your actual qvw? Is that what you mean?

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Yes your correct

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if is there any thing to change please suggest me


Hard to answer without knowing what's causing your issue or what the difference between the sample and your main application is. I would suggest that you compare your two applications and try to find the difference.

Are you using in your main application also the same fields?

I.e. you are using Country as global filter and using this as dimension in your alternate state chart?