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Requirement on Advanced Set Analysis


I have 6 Objects in my dashboard


2 list boxs ,LH01,LH02(Global Objects):if we select these two List boxes then only complete dashboard Has to Reflect.

4 Charts,CH01,CH02,CH03,CHO4

1)if we select CH01 then That CH01 Chart only Reflect not other charts (CH02,CH03,CH04)

2)if we select CH02 then That CH02 Chart only Reflect not other charts( CH01,CH03,CH04)

3)if we select CH03 then That CH03 Chart only Reflect not other charts (CH02,CH01,CH04)


Dimesion is Month field

My expressions are

1)count(DISTINCT Number)

2)(count({<resolved_Date={'=resolved_Date<=duedate3'}>}DISTINCT Incident_Number3))/count({<resolved_Date={"*"},duedate3={"*"}>}distinct Number3)


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that document is just sample one .my qv is completely different.


Reiterating what Stefan said, it would be very difficult to say what might be causing the issue without having a look at it. Check this link and see if you can post your original document.

Preparing examples for Upload - Reduction and Data Scrambling

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i am Using This expression:

=count({<manager = $::manager, support_manager=$::support_manager, Group=$::Group>}DISTINCT SNumber)


Nothing stands out about the expression. Everything looks good