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SSL Certificate configuration on QV webserver

Hi All,

We have to establish secured communication between QV Server and the Client (IPADs) in our case. To acheive this we have Qlikview server in Domain and Qlikview Webserver out of Domain. We have enabled port 443 in the Qlikview Webserver machine(In DMZ) and we are able to establish secured connection when opened through web browser i.e. we used Safari Browser in IPAD. But the same application when we are trying to open through the Qlikview app in the IPAD it is not allowing to open the dashboards.

Solution to this we found so far is to establish a public - private key communication.

1. My doubt here is can we configure a certificate in the Qlikview webserver or is it not possible with Qlikview Webserver and we have to use IIS7 for the same?

2. Can we use both Qlikview webserver and IIS7 for establishing public private key communication?

3. Can I configure certificate using IIS7 and still use Qlikview webserver on DMZ?


In DMZ we are using Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition.

Qlikview Server Version 11.20 SR2 is used in Domain.

Kindly help ASAP.

Thanks & Regards

Suhas Gupta

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Hi Everyone,

Kindly reply if anyone aware about the IIS configuration with Qlikview Server.

We have to Install one config file in all the IPADs for the end users. This config file is generated from the certificate which is installed in the DMZ machine in the IIS. This config file is generated using the apple IPAD config utility.

Probable list of activities we have to follow is :

1. Get one signed certificate.

2. Create two copies of it one with Public key(for IIS) another with private key(for IPAD).

3. Create one to one mapping in the IIS7(in DMZ) and On the other hand create config file for IPAD and install in IPADs.

4. Access from IPAD, this is expected to work.

Request you to please share your views on above 4 steps as well as we are not confident that certificates can only be installed in IIS only.

Please ask in case more information is required.

Thanks & Regards

Suhas Gupta.