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Contributor III
Contributor III

Search Function

Hi Qlikers,

I am hoping the following is possible.

In ProgressName25678

I have a dashboard with a table for each status that list the names in each category. The user has the option to select a variety of buttons to make the "Complete, In Progress or N/A" table to appear (only one table can be shown at all times).

The user has a search bar if they wish to search for a specific name or id.

Is there a way, to indicate to the user [my thought was a red dot in the corner of each button] to signify which table to refer too to find details about that certain Name or ID.?

e.g user searches for Name2, a red dot appears in the "In Progress" button. Signifying to the user that the item can be found there.

I am dealing with 5000+ data items, so a code that suits this would be most appreciated

Many Thanks

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If you refer to 'searches for Name2', you mean the user makes an active selection of Name2 in field Name?

If so, you can create a conditional like

=If( Count({<Status *= {'Complete'}>} Status), ...)

and use this e.g. in the background color expression of your Complete button (adapt status values accordingly for other buttons and charts).

Contributor III
Contributor III

Yes the user will actively search for name/id.

I tried your condition however, I keep getting and "Error in expression" message. Are you able to advise?



Ok, where exactly have you put the conditional expression and how does it look like?

Can you post a small sample QVW or screen shots?