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Creator II
Creator II

Security Issue with Qlikview


This is very urgent for us, please let me know if you can assist on below -

We have a application, where we have provided access to users present in group called 'GrpA'

We found that all users were able to access the application.

Now we reload the application with updated data, and same section access script, and found that only 2-3 users are not able to access the applications from 'GrpA' but others can.

I have forcefully provided the access to these ppl, still they are not able to open the application from the access point.

Can anyone pls let me know what can be the cause.

Thanks & Regards,


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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

One of these could be the cause of your problems:

  • Missing license
  • People without access are actually not members of group GrpA
  • Data reduction disallows access (strict exclusion)
  • Not published to these individual users (forget about this one if you publish to the same group)

You can check each individual item whether it is correctly configured.

What message do these people without access get in the AccessPoint? They do see the thumbnail of the document they have to open?