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Creator II
Creator II

Sending Email from Mail Server of QMC

Hi All,

We have a SMTP configured for sending email.

We also have email address created for that SMTP server along with password.

PFA, the configuration which I have used for the Mail Server in QMC, where -

Host Name : SMTP server name (I also tried to Ping the server name from the command prompt and getting the reply for same)

From Address : Email address created for the server

Authentication Method: I tried all three, but no luck, for third one,

    User name : username of the email address created

    Password : Password of the email address

Send test-email to : valid email id.

Still I am getting failure sending email.

Can anyone please let me know, what can cause the issue. Where can i see the log files, as I have Logging Level of Distribution Service as "Debug Logging".

Please revert for same.

Thanks & Regards,


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Partner - Specialist II
Partner - Specialist II

Which Mail Service being used ?  Is Port 25 opened ?

Creator II
Creator II

Yes, I just checked that, the port should be 587.

But now I am getting "The operation has timed out" error.

Can you please provide any input for same.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi, I'm facing the same problem now. I tried with all 3 authentication method, but all failed. Can anyone help?

Thank you. 



Hi all,

Did you check the article ?
Please, remember to mark the thread as solved once getting the correct answer

I would start with the test email, get that to work first.  If you aren't able to send the test email, make sure you're using the correct SMTP port for your mail server.  You might also talk with your mail server admin(s) to make sure the ports and configuration settings you're applying are correct.  There isn't any logging for the email alert function in the QMC.

Hope this helps!


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