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Services Start Order

Dear All,

I have stop all QlikView Services, again start in QV services through services.msc(CMD),here I have doubt services starts any order(which order)? This services start first then these services start second...or start any order.



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Partner - Specialist


I don't know the exact order, but I think when you are stopping then qvs should be the first, when you are starting should be the last one.

Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi Raja Kumar,

As far as i know you should first start iis, then qvs , then QDS and all others and finally QMS...

The thing is it is better to start QMS last..


Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Don't worry. Order won't matter if your services are already started and you just want to restart it. ..

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Thanks for your quick respond Brijesh,SundaraKumar and BBI_MBA,

our services are already started and stop and again restart the services ,

QMS  take a large amount of time, noticeably   3 to 4 minutes. But application working very well. thanks lot to all.

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Partner - Champion III

You can start or restart the QlikView services in any order you want. There are no explicit dependencies, as you will find out when you check the service settings tab "Dependencies". Windows doesn't know what order to use anyway if the system is restarted.