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Contributor II
Contributor II

Set Analysis To Display Results Greater than 0

Hi All, 

I'm looking to display results of an expression within a Chart Table; however, I only want to display the results that fall within variable range and display a result of 1. So, if I get a match on the below expression, it will display 1 for me. 

My expression is as follows: How do I get only the 1's 

=COUNT({$<Type = {'X'}, Status = {'Y'}, Date = {"$(vDateRange)"}>}DISTINCT([Z]))
- COUNT({$<Type = {'X'}, Status = {'Y'}, Date = {"$(vDateRange)"}>*< Type = {'X'}, Status = {'Y'}, Date = {"$(vDateRange)"}>}DISTINCT([Z]))

Thank you in advance and any help is appreciated! 

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