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Set Analysis for Null and Not Null Values


I'm trying to create a text object indicating the number of unassigned, open tickets. When I try to use this formula, I think that the $- part of the set analysis is applying to both conditions that I've set, because the number is wildly inaccurate.

=count({$-<actorname={'*'}, Status={'Open'}>} RequestID)

Another way I tried to do this was by subtracting the number of tickets with an open and not null actorname value from the total count of open tickets, but when I validated my data, I found that it wasn't working either. For that, I used this formula:

=count({<Status={'Open'}>} RequestID)-count({<actorname={'*'}, Status={'Open'}>} RequestID)

Is there a way to get the count of tickets with null actorname values which also have a status of 'Open'?


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Master III
Master III

Count({<actorname-={"''"},Status={'Open'}>} RequestID)


Count({<actorname-={"'-'"},Status={'Open'}>} RequestID)

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Hi, you can try using NullAsValue in your script as represented in the attached file.

I hope this helps.

JV !

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Thank you!

Master III
Master III

=count({1<actorname={"$(Null())"},Status={'Open'}>} RequestID)

Contributor III
Contributor III

This is working in QV 12, not in QV 11.