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Set Analysis using forced Dimension values

Is there a way in Set analysis to force the actual value of the dimension in the chart object a value in the expression?

For eg. I have a bar chart with 2 dimensions, I would like to force the values in the first dimension A to be available in the expression as

COUNT(DISTINCT {<Region = {"=P(Maxstring(Region))"}>} CustomerID)

where Region is already a dimension in the chart along with other dimensions

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Specialist III
Specialist III

if the dimension is already part of your table the aggregation that is done by QV will be broken by each dimension

if what you want to do is compare the results against another specific value then that can also be done

this is how you can do the possible

COUNT(DISTINCT {<Region = P({<Region={"$(=(Maxstring(Region)))"} >})    >} CustomerID)