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Set Analysis using "Date"


I am new to Qlikview och having a little problem with set analysis using "Date" that I would love to have help from any of you.

I would like to compare today's result with yesterday's, that of 5 days ago or 10 days ago etc..

What I have done so far, which apparently does't work is:

In script:

SET v1DayAgo= DATE(MAX(Date)-1)

SET v5DaysAgo= DATE(MAX(Date)-1)

In textbox:



I don't get any error when entering the expression, but what I get out of these is "-"..

Does anyone have any idea what I have done wrong?

Thank you for help in advance!



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Not sure why you have pipes, but the expression should be:



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Not sure why you have pipes, but the expression should be:




If this doesn't work then check if you get a 1 day ago date in a text box when you add this -> =$(v1DayAgo). If it doesn't you might need to add =$(=v1DayAgo) and make the same change in the two expressions provided above. Also make sure you get the result in the same format as DateField you have.

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Wow it worked! Thank you so much, Sunny T!

The reason why I had pipes is that I posted my quesiton from mac and didn't know where I could find these "{ }"..

Have a great weekend!


Awesome , I am glad it worked. I would request you to close this thread if you got what you were looking for.