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Contributor III

Set Analysis



I am trying to write a set analysis. In this I want the sum of cycle time where Hierarchy Level 1 is 'Business'. The thing is when I am explicitly state 'Business' there are some Hierarchy level 2 selections that show zero data as those dont come under Hierarchy Level 1 'Business'. But those selections have some document numbers which are common to  Hierarchy Level 1 'Business'. Thats why I am trying to bring in the Document numbers in the set analysis so that the selections in Hierarchy Level two will be represented in the set analysis and data should be shown for those selections as well.

Here is my Initial set analysis:

=sum({$<[Hierarchy Level 1]={'Business'}>}[Cycle Time])

here is my failed attempt for bringing in the Document Number:

=SUM({$<[Document Number]=P({<[Hierarchy Level 1]={'Business'}>}) >}[Cycle Time]).

can anyone help me where I am going wrong here?



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I suppose you forgot to add the field Document Number in your P function

=SUM({$<[Document Number]=P({<[Hierarchy Level 1]={'Business'}>}[Document Number]) >}[Cycle Time]).

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Partner - Champion III

Perhaps this:

Sum({$<[Document Number] = P({<[Hierarchy Level 1] = {'Business'}>}) [Document Number]>} [Cycle Time])


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