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Contributor III
Contributor III

Set Analysis


I have created an expression as follows (please look at the Document Number Part in Set analysis):

sum({$<[Allocation Status]={'Non Self Serve'},[Document Number] = P({$<[Hierarchy Level 1] = {'Business'}, [Hierarchy Level 2],[Hierarchy Level 3],[Hierarchy Level 4]>}[Document Number])>}
Interval(([Approval Date]) - ([First Notification (UTC)]),'D'))


I am doing this to get the sum of the Interval in the above expression for the document number that are part of Hierarchy Level 1 = 'Business' but may also be part of other hierarchies. This is working fine. 

here comes the tricky part:

Right now it is showing sum of the Interval against all the Document Numbers. But I want it to show only for the Hierarchy Level 1 = 'Business' data. And when a different selection is made, It must show the sum of Interval for the Document numbers that are common between Hierarchy  Level 1 = 'Business' and that new selection. Please see the attached screenshots. It might help in understanding my issue.

Your help is much appreciated.

Screenshot description:

Screenshot 1 : The expression is currently showing the sum of the document numbers across all the Hierarchies.

Screenshot 2 : The expected sum, It is supposed to show the sum for business only.

Screenshot 3 : Suppose a different hierarchy is selected, Then sum of Document NUmbers that are present in business and that new Hierarchy needs to be shown 

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So, what exactly are you getting as the output and what are you hoping to get? Would you be able to share a sample as it would make it easy to see the issue and propose a solution