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Set analysis

Hi all please find the below questions and give me explanation

1) I have multiple years like 2000 to 2016. If I select year 2005 I want to display the sales from 2000 to 2005 sales.

2)If I open the document I want to display the year wise quarter wise sales how can u do?

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First one you may write this

1) Sum({<Year = {"$(<= Max(Year))"}>}Sales)

Second one can you describe more. Year wise and Quarter wise means

2) Sum({<Year=, Quarter=>}Sales)

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Hi amar,

     Try This,

For First one:-

1) sum({<yearfield={"<=$(=max(yearfield))"}>}Sales)

For second one you have to create triggers in document properties(ctrl+alt+D)--> Onopen..

   There you can create whatever you want to display.

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Hi Amar,

Can you explain your requirement more elaborately,

Which Chart you want to use ? Bar chart or something else.

In Query 1 : You want to show year wise sales for the selected and earlier years ?

In Query 2 : You want to show year wise as well as quarter wise (Two dimensions) for current year only by default or what when you open the document ?



Check this

Sum({<Year = {">=$(= Max(Year)-5)<=$(= Max(Year))"}>}Sales)

For last 5 years based on your'e selection.

As, your'e second query tells like year and quarter,But what you want to pick i.e which year and which quarter when opening document.Can you please elaborate more.



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Creator III


You can try with

Sum({<Year = {"$(>=Min({1}Year)<= Max(Year))"}>}Sales)