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Setting limit while building Hierarchy


I'm new to QlikView and trying to build charts using Hierarchy concept of Qlikview. Background of what I'm doing - Pulling data from MySQL database and generating charts in Qlikview. I have a resultant table containing ID, Name and ParentID, SomeCount that I get by firing a SQL query.

Additionally this below query -


Now the problem I'm facing is that -

I get the entire child tree while clicking on a parent. However, I just the immediate childs while clicking on a Parent. For Example -

--- Parent

    ------Child 1




    -------Child 2

    -------Child 3

For the above example - while clicking on Parent, I need only Child 1, Child 2 and Child 3 to be shown. However, currently, even SubChild1, SubChild2, SubChild3 comes along with it.

Is it possible to set a limit while generating charts? Kindly help.

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