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Partner - Contributor III

Show Aggr values, without the Aggr Dimension

Hello All,

Say I have two fields Type and SubType, and a metric Sales Dollars.

I want to see the max Sales Dollars per each Type, but populated in a table with just SubType as a dimension.

Type         Sales

A               10

B               20

C               30

Type          SubType          Sales

A               A1                    10

B               B1                    10

B               B2                    10

C               C1                    10

C               C2                    10

C               C3                    10

This is the result I want:

SubType          Sales

A1                    10

B1                    20

B2                    20

C1                    30

C2                    30

C3                    30

Note that each SubType is unique to a single Type. I get the results I want with Type added as another dimension, but I require that the expression work only with SubType.

No hidden dimensions please.

Here is the aggr expression that I have attempted. I feel like this is possible to do?

sum( Aggr( Sum(Sales),  Type))

1 Solution

Accepted Solutions

Or this

Aggr(Sum(TOTAL <Type> Sales), Type, SubType)

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2 Replies

May be this

Sum(Aggr(NODISTINCT Sum(Sales), Type))


Or this

Aggr(Sum(TOTAL <Type> Sales), Type, SubType)