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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Show all weeks in a pivot



I have to show all the weeks, also with no value expressions. Please see the screenshot. The red numbers are the missing weeks.



My master calendar is full and starts from 2014-01 and ends to 2019-12. I have selected "Item" and 2018 year. 

My goal is show all the weeks with no data between the weeks with data.




Riccardo Schillaci
BI Analyst
Datawarehouse & Business Intelligence
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Creator II
Creator II

Hola, como estas? 


Para solucionar tu problema, primero tenes que tener un calendario completo, en donde esten todas las semanas, para esto deberias tener una fecha minima y maxima.

sin zero-value.PNG


Vamos la pestaña( o solapa) Presentation, y destildamos el check de Suppress  Zero-Value.


ejemplo zero values.PNG



Ahora vamos a ver al grafico con un scroll para poder navegar las semanas incluso que no tienen valores asociados.


Espero que haya sido util mi respuesta.


Creator III
Creator III

Hi Riccardo,

You have to uncheck box "Supress Zero Values" option that is under Presentation tab.
If you still not able to see the values. Add to your expression a condition like this, let's say expression is just sum of sales. Would be

if(Sum(Sales) = 0 or len(Sum(Sales))=0,0,Sum(Sales))

Hope that helps,
Carlos M