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Show only the last item from the selected filters

 I am only using the free QlikView setup currently.

So i have a filters of quarters setup like 2020_1, 2020_2 etc. I show the quarterly performance depends on what i select. But also, I want to show only the pie chart value of the latest quarter.

For example i chose 2020_4, 2021_1, 2020_2, 2020_3 for the quarter trend, but at the same time only want to show the 2020_3 value in pie chart.

Currently using Sum({$<[Fiscal Quarter] = {'2021_3'}>}[Fab Scrap Cost])/1000000. But would like it to be dynamic depends on what i filter.

Thanks for the help.

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Try like below

In your script, you can bring one more field like QuarterNum based on Fiscal Quarter or Dual function depends on ur requirement.

Load [Fiscal Quarter], AutoNumber([Fiscal Quarter]) as QuarterNum from yoursource ;


 Sum({$<QuarterNum={$(=Max(QuarterNum))}>}[Fab Scrap Cost])/1000000

Thanks & Regards,
Mayil Vahanan R

Thanks for the response. Still not working though. Still adds all that i selected.

Where can i get the 'yoursource' ? I dont have qliksense and a different person publish the dashboard created.  SO I am just adjusting to th e available variables that I have in the repository.