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Show the values inside the segments of pie chart

Hi All,

     I have a simple question on pie chart.


     Currently Its displaying the Values outside for each slice.

     But Client needs to see those values inside all the slices. What should I do for this..?

     Any help would be appreciated.

     Thanks in advance.

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Hi all

I also want to do this.If it is possible and

If anybody know that how to do that .Please help

Thanks in advance

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I've seen several threads on this topic and none of them are answered. That leads me to suspect that this functionality (a quite basic formatting functionality honestly) is not currently possible in Qlikview.

As a new user, I've encountered dozens of such "not possible" formatting quirks in the past few weeks. I think QV is definitely in need of an overhaul in terms of visual details and quirks like this one.

Master II
Master II

Here's a messy workaround:

clone the chart.

make the copy smaller.

make everything transparent except the data labels.

lay the copied chart on top of the original.

Really? Come on QlikView.

Creator III
Creator III

Yes mwoolf, Your right.

To my curiosity i tried to check it out and it almost worked.

Here is the screenshot attached for referring.


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Hi Subin,

How to make only labels only visible on the Pie Chart

Was trying the "Transparency" option under "Colors", as well as "Layout" Layer options but unable to achieve this. Please provide the steps