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Show values on X Axis of Bar Chart

Hi All,

I have some finance data and i am just posting numbers on a bar chart using combination of Month and Year. Then i got requirement that there is need to show even 0 values on the chart. So i checked the option of Show all Values from Dimension and Zero on Bars from Presentation tab (without checking show all values zero bars were not coming).

Now the problem is i have data for another year and the chart is showing data for both years. If i select 2019 Year from filter it is still showing month and year from 2020 on x axis with 0 value on bar.

Can there be a solution that if i select a year i should only for that year with 0 bars if they are in 2019 and if nothing is selected data should come for both years.

Please find the screenshot also. Any help is appreciated.




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