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Showing percentage of total for grid box in scatter chart


I'm new to Qlikview. Looking for a way to show (or at least get) the percentage for an individual "box" in the grid of my scatter chart. Say that I have 20 points total and that 5 of these are within a certain box of the grid, then I would like to get a result of 25 percent for this box.

Does anyone know if this is possible, without having to calculate box of the grid individually?

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I guess you have two dimensions and 1 expression? If that's true, lets assume your 1st dimension is Dim1 and 2nd dimension is Dim2 and Expression is Sum(Measure)... Try one of these

Sum(Measure)/Sum(TOTAL Measure)


Sum(Measure)/Sum(TOTAL <Dim1> Measure)

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No, I actually have only one dimension, but two expressions. I'll attach an example file in the original post to show the functionality I'm trying to do (with similar data).

What I want to do is get the percentage of how many values that fall within each box in the grid, compared to the total number of values.


And where do you want to see this information?

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Preferably within the grid itself. Something like this, but with the percentages calculated in relation to both axes.