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Contributor III
Contributor III

Simple chart formatting question

Greetings fellow QlikViewers,

I am hoping this will be a very simple question to answer.

I have a bar char with the values 00 to 23 on the x axis (essentially hourly increments). I have coloured the bars that are in the range 09 through to 17 hours. However, what I would prefer is to shade the background of the chart to highlight this range rather than the bars themselves as these will need to be coloured depending on the value of the y axis.

Is there any way to do this, if not does anyone have a different solution to the problem?

Many thanks!

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Go to Chart Properties -> tab Colors -> set background transparency to 100%.

Create TextObject. Set Layout -> Layer Bottom

Resize text object as you need and put it underneath your chart under range 09-17 hours.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks for the reply!

That’s a nice idea but as soon as someone selects a range of hours it will break.

Is there any way to keep it dynamic?

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Then try creating second chart with wide bars and without axis labels and put it underneath the same way.


In this second chart:

Dimension: Hours

Expression: IF( (Hours>=9)  and (Hours<=17), 1, 0)


You can select "Show All Values" for your dimension (and also disable "Suppress Zero-Values", "Suppress Missing" on presentation tab) to get the scale to not change with your selections.